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  • AG-AC8

Shoulder mounted HD Camcorder


  1. Simultaneous recording with SD card x 2
  2. Optical zoom x21, iA x50 & resolution 1080 line
  3. New design with professional shoulder type


  • Simultaneous recording
  • Wide 28mm / F1.8
  • iA x50 zoom (optical x21)
  • 1/4.5 type 4.14M S-FSI
  • 3 type touch panel LCD with 460,800 dots
  • Hybrid 5 axis OIS


  • AVCHD progressive
  • 1920x1080/50p max. 28Mbps,
  • 1920x1080/50i max. 24Mbps
  • Double slot SD card
  • 1280 x 720 8Mbps (PM mode)
  • File copy capability to external HDD

The shoulder mounted Full-HD 1080P AVCCAM features exceptional ergonomics and functionality, simultaneous recording to dual SD Cards, 21x optical zoom and intelligent auto mode (iA) with up to 50x zoom.  The AG-AC8’s exciting feature set makes it perfect for a range of professional and semi-professional users that require the best performance in applications such as weddings, business seminars and conferences, documentaries and nature films, sporting events and other events and shows.

With dual SD card slots and the capability to record simultaneously, the AC8’s new relay Auto Switch functionality means extended recording is made possible and signature Panasonic reliability and dependability is ensured so precious moments are continuously captured.  Relay scene uses an external hard disk drive to enable continuous recording of audio, without voice loss when the file recording destination SD card swaps during Auto Switch continuous recording.

The AG-AC8 comes equipped with a lens for wide 28mm / F1.8 recording, which delivers excellent recordings even in the most compact settings with the camera situated close to the subject. With this lens, every important aspect of in the scene is within shot also making the camera suitable for professional shooting at sports events, weddings and documentaries and films where flexibility and convenient ease of use is often required.

With a highly stable and ergonomic form factor that ensures the operator is in control, iA Intelligent Auto mode helps in situations where there is limited setup time for dialling in the cameras professional manual settings.  An optical zoom of 21x is available whilst using iA mode and up to 50x zoom is possible.  A 1/4.5 type high sensitivity sensor specified with 4.14M S-FS ensures bright and sharp images even in the most dimly lit scenes.

Input control commands can be made by the AG-AC8’s integrated 3.0 type touch panel LCD with 460,800 dots and Smart Touch.  AVCHD progressive recording modes range from 1920x1080/50p max 28Mbps, 1920x1080/50i max 24Mbps through 1280 x 720 8Mbps (PM mode) with a steady shot assisted by a powerful 5-axis hybrid OIS (Optical Image Stabiliser). Rushes can also be quickly offloaded to external hard disks for backup peace of mind plus flexibility and speed in post-production. Moreover, the AG-AC8 is Eye-Fi™ SD card compatible making the  transfer of recordings to networked devices fast, simple and convenient.

The AG-AC8 also includes a new high performance 2 channel stereo microphone. The battery charger AG-B23E is also available.

Please click here for a list of operation manuals to download.