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Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Analytics Video Surveillance

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The need for flexible and intelligent security infrastructure is in constant evolution as businesses are seeking the deployment of technology to make their operations secure and more efficient. The amount of CCTV data generated can simply not be handled by human capacities anymore, which is why we have to rely on technology and analyse security footage on an evidence base. Moreover, safety requirements are ever-evolving, so any solution has to be flexible and investments need to deliver a return when circumstances and demands are changing.

With the i-PRO network camera range with AI capabilities, we offer advanced technologies such as analysis technology and secure technology using deep learning, looking forward to the eras of artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT.

Compared to standard analytics solutions, cameras with embedded AI engines are much more powerful, and deliver better results. They enable rich functionality and an outstanding degree of flexibility. With the help of a software development kit, applications can be developed for the cameras in line with specific and evolving needs, tailored to a business customer’s needs.

AI Camera System Diagram with a Person

If video is captured by a dedicated AI-featured i-PRO network camera, high-accuracy detection, identification and determination with AI processing become available through the powerful on-board AI engine.

Edge processing, which executes AI processing with high loads within a camera such as video analysis that was difficult with conventional network cameras, can reduce the load on the system and the server and structure/operate a high efficiency system.
Emergence of deep learning enabled the collection and analysis of a large quantity of data that we were unable to handle up to now. With the deep learning applications runing directly on the cameras themselves, the need for additional servers for analytical calculations is eliminated whilst maintaining the same high levels of accuracy. The benefits include lower total cost of ownership of security infrastructure, as well as faster processing and more immediate alarms, notifications or information from the applications.

Advantages for customers

According to customer needs, applications developed by application partners can be added to the i-PRO network cameras*.

This combination of AI intelligence with the open, flexible and adaptable cameras offers a new generation of predictive business and security applications that will help our customers become more proactive in their daily operations.

As AI utilization including deep learning can be seen in a wide variety of situations such as voice recognition on smart phones, manufacturing sites, inventory control and automatic operations, solutions for many problems are becoming available, even in the security industry. Applications can also be used by retailers to enhance the customer experience; in smart cities for traffic monitoring and smart parking; and by event organisers and transports hubs to monitor and ensure safety.

Surveillance AI Camera System Monitoring

* Up to 3 applications can be operated, depending on the hardware to be used by the application, with a single camera.

Open Platform

i-PRO Camera Application Platform is a program where unique applications developed by application partners can be installed and used with our network cameras. With our cameras being open for third parties to develop their own ideas, it’s just the beginning of a new era of intelligent applications as technology partners can develop and distribute applications in an open environment, enabling customers to tailor security hardware to the specific needs of a business or community.

AI Camera System Customer Flowchart