Retail Business Technology Expo 2015

Event Date: 
9 March 2015 to 10 March 2015

10th – 11th MARCH 2015 at OLYMPIA, LONDON, UK - 9.30am – 5pm


RBTE is the unmissable event for European retailers, hospitality and leisure operators who want to keep up with all the latest solutions available to help them grow their business, improve productivity and improve their overall customer experience.

Panasonic Security Solutions will showcase their brand new ULTRA 360 degree camera with 4K engine which, besides sharp high-quality pictures, offers further advantages due to heat mapping and people counting and a unique moving object removal function. It can aggregate a history of movement in a scene and also indicate dwell time in an easy to understand colour overlay.

These analytics are ideal for generating insight into floor behavior in retail environments to track people movement in public spaces and help identify the hot spots within your stores.

To experience what tremendous benefit Panasonic Security Solutions offers to your business besides the pure surveillance of your premises, visit the Panasonic Booth (number 714) at RBTE.