• WV-CW380

Outdoor Static Surveillance Camera

Weather Resistant Day/Night Camera with Super Dynamic III Technology

  • 160x dynamic range
  • 8x varifocal lens
  • Day/Night operation
  • Video Motion Detector
  • Auto Back Focus
  • Auto image stabilizer

The Panasonic WV-CW380 fixed weather resistant DAY/NIGHT camera features Super Dynamic III technology which allows for up to 160x (PAL) wider dynamic range to be achieved compared to conventional cameras. The WV-CW380 also features a 5.0 ~ 40 mm, 8x varifocal lens with a 2 x digital zoom for high sensitivity performance and image quality.

With a high resolution of 540 TV lines (Colour HIGH mode), 480 TV lines (Colour NORMAL mode) and 570 TV lines (B/W mode), the WV-CW380 also includes a DAY/NIGHT function with an IR cut filter which is automatically placed off to ensure high picture quality during both colour (daytime) and B/W (night time) operation. Auto Back Focus (ABF) is another important feature which enables the camera to maintain a sharp focus in both colour and B/W modes, and reduces installation time by focusing at the touch of a button.

The camera features an electronic sensitivity enhancement of up to 10x, a manual up to 32x and a Video Motion Detector with a Sensitivity of 256 steps which can Mask 8 x 6 areas at any one time. The camera also has a strong visibility due to its flashing blue LED light, which acts as a deterrent to passers by.

The WV-CW380 also features Auto image stabilizer for applications where vibration or wind is a concern ensuring a clear image in heavy rain and wind, or vibrations from passing traffic.

The intelligent camera also comes equipped with a built-in fan, heater and sun shield maintaining an ambient operating temperature range between -30°C and + 50°C at all times. Furthermore, compatible with IEC60529, the camera is both IP66 rated water and dust resistant, ensuring protection from heavy dust, rain, sleet or snow.

Equipped with a multi language setup menu including English, French, Italian and Spanish, German and Russian, as well as a mounting bracket to enclose the video and power cables properly, the WV-CW380 ensures a trouble-free installation, with a tidy looking finish.