Access control solutions for automotive

  • Bravida (Integrated by Panasonic) is one of the world’s leading integrated security system platforms. Capable of serving the needs of everything from small businesses to large enterprises, it operates via a single support platform.

    The system’s strength lies in the ease with which different functions can be integrated. These functions include access control, intruder alarms, CCTV and fire alarms with standard interface such as OPC for control and Data Service (DS) for connectivity with external databases, which facilitates administration.

    Easily maintained via the web, rather than through the control unit, the network-based security system has been designed to simplify installation and use. Security systems such as intruder alarm, assault alarm, access control, fire warning, monitoring and manoeuvring can all be integrated into the single platform.

    The system’s software, developed for Windows, provides a user-friendly and familiar interface that enables graphic presentation and control. An unlimited number of operator stations can be used to manage Bravida (Integrated by Panasonic).

    Integra Smartcard Solution (ISS)

    Integra (Integrated by Panasonic) is one of the market leaders when it comes to RFID and smart card solutions, such as Mifare technologies. Several card technologies can be used with the system, and it allows the use of up to 99 different card systems within the same system.

  • ​The PACi line up – complete with A++ rating

    PACi Standard for economy and value

    With high-quality design and engineering, the PACi Standard is the perfect solution for projects which demand quality on a limited budget. In addition, its compact size and light weight make it ideal for installations with limited space, including small commercial applications.

    PACi Elite – the next generation of commercial air conditioning

    Within the PACi Elite units, the use of energy-saving design for the structure of fans, fan motors, compressors and heat exchangers results in high COP value, putting it among the best in the industry. In addition, the use of a highly efficient R410A refrigerant reduces CO2 emissions and lowers operating costs.

    Healthier technology for healthier living

    Panasonic’s new and improved Panasonic Etherea air-conditioning unit incorporates Nanoe-G, the revolutionary air-purifying and filtering system. Using nano-technology, fine e-ion particles are released by the system, which deactivate 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses in the filter’s indoor unit to ensure the fast cleaning of the air. It also neutralises odours to provide a more pleasant and healthy environment.

    We’ve also recently introduced an air-purification system that captures harmful micro-organisms from the air, deactivating those trapped on surfaces and in the filter at the same time. It uses nano-technology fine particles to purify the air and clean harmful micro-organisms attached onto fabrics on your premises. And now, it comes with a brand new feature that deactivates bacteria and viruses trapped in the filter.