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Administration office equipment

  • Customised communication systems

    Flexible, smart communication systems are crucial for airports, train/bus stations and logistics centres. Panasonic offers a full suite of communications solutions, from comprehensive SIP-based infrastructure technologies that simplify IT and reduce costs by transmitting voice and data over a single, unified network, to hard-working scanners, faxes and multifunctional printers that keep your business up and running, day in, day out.

    We work closely with your teams to identify their precise needs so we can support your entire establishment with a customised solution that provides seamless communications and increased productivity today and can scale to support your future growth.

  • Mobility for all your staff

    Unified communications means that your staff are available anytime via a designated means of contact. In most cases, that will be via their deskphone, mobile, by email or by chat. The system allows them to change their status so that they can be reached by their preferred route. Even their personal mobile phone or internal DECT solution can be integrated as a pre-determined extension with the “ONE-NUMBER” concept. It’s equally straightforward to integrate home offices into the unified communications solution.

    Message broadcasting

    By using your paging infrastructure or desk phones, we can provide a system which allows you to make announcements at any time from any phone.

    Security integration

    Integrating our CCTV solution with alarm messaging adds a deeper, more intelligent level of security to your premises. If a technical problem, security breach or fire alarm is detected, the phone system can inform relevant people right away, by calling, texting or paging. So your response is immediate and safety is maximised.

  • Administration office tools

    In our latest line of feature-rich SIP endpoints, the new UT Series combines state-of-the-art telephony and user-friendly features. Choose from entry-level models with conferencing capabilities and a low power consumption mode, to executive desk terminals with colour touchscreen displays and wireless headset compatibility. Phones can even integrate with Panasonic IP network cameras to help monitor security issues.

    Panasonic offers a complete and integrated line of office products with a well-earned reputation for innovative features and reliability. From colour copiers and multifunctional printers, to scanners, fax machines and more, Panasonic has the integrated solutions you need to keep your offices efficient and productive.

    Panasonic offers exceptionally dependable equipment that delivers outstanding quality at an affordable price. As document management and imaging specialists, you can depend on Panasonic — day in, day out — for the high-output, high-performance reliability you require.

  • High definition video conferencing

    Our video conferencing also offers you the ability to connect two or more sites together. With this feature, you can arrange and hold important or urgent meetings as if you’re all in the same room. So without any of the time or cost of travel, you can co-ordinate activities, emergency situations or regular team meetings.

    Additionally, you could also use this to support passengers and visitors at self-service ticket kiosks. If they have difficulties, they can connect via video to a member of your staff who will help them through the process without the need for local staff.