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Business analytics for logistics

  • Choose intelligent video analysis

    Lost or damaged parcels are a major expense to many businesses. Panasonic’s Business Intelligence Video Systems technology goes far beyond simple CCTV. The built-in intelligence and analytics features help you to understand why loss and damage is happening and help you to improve working processes. In the case of an unexpected situation, you can easily access and share video footage which Is connected to your tracking systems, improving reporting and complaint handling.

    And all of this happens, of course, while you’re still benefiting from outstanding security technology.

    Increasing cost efficiency

    Using Full HD video images, you can track packages by barcode, preventing, recording or monitoring any breakages or losses, cutting unnecessary cost out of your supply chain.

    Equally, cameras can be used to monitor how heavily loaded your vehicles are, giving you the ability to manage fuel consumption and costs more effectively.

  • Improve system interoperability

    Better connected systems mean better served customers. With our video analytics, you can combine data with visual information to enhance package tracking and give customers access to a better-informed service department. Additionally, because you have data and visual information on the progress of a package, you can handle customer complaints more quickly and accurately.

    Access real-time analytics

    Video intelligence gives you direct instant access to real-time information across your logistics business, meaning you can monitor staffing levels, oversee processes, optimise the use of space on your premises and carry out stock management remotely.

    Reduced total cost of ownership

    Our business analytics technology also allows you to save money in terms of power consumption, maintenance and installation. For example, using wide angle and 360o cameras reduce the total number of cameras required to monitor your premises; and, embedded network video recorder technology means lower power consumption than a PC-based system and easy set up in five minutes.

  • Security

    Alongside the video intelligence Panasonic offers, the same camera solution are capable of monitoring your facilities and premises – whether indoors or outdoors, day and night, thanks to our thermal and infra-red cameras. Add in our easy-to-install cloud-based Cameramanager remote video surveillance system and more complex managed in-house security solutions, and you have total security for every logistics environment.

    Fire alarm solutions

    The demands on fire alarm systems are increasing all the time. The most important task for a fire alarm system is the early detection of a fire in order to save lives and property in different environments. Hard-to-detect fires, such as glowing or smouldering fires, have to be quickly and effectively detected. On the other hand, you also need to keep false alarms to a minimum, so the system has to have high sensitivity and low sensitivity at the same time.

    With more than 30 years’ experience and 15,000 installations, Panasonic has a long track record of delivering successful fire alarm solutions. Our systems include server and controller units, smoke and heat detectors, manual call points, short circuit-isolators, sirens and other technology to protect your facilities 24/7.