Point of Sale services for shops and restaurants

  • Food services and shopping facilities not only bring additional visitors to your premises, but also increase the revenue per visitor. Both of which are sufficient reason to provide fast, high-quality point of sale services, whether that’s in your store or restaurant. Speed and efficiency are vital, and even when queues can happen, it’s still possible to serve your customers.

    Point of Sale systems with surveillance and analytics

    For more then 30 years, Panasonic has been a world leader in point-of-sale (POS) workstations. We’ve installed more than one million POS workstations globally, many in the world’s top quick service restaurants (QSRs). We’ve also continued to develop and refine our POS systems and today offer some of the best integrated solutions on the market.

  • World-class POS workstations

    Our latest POS workstations break new ground in terms of operational capability, mounting options, modularity and energy saving. WiFi-enabled for complete installation flexibility, their open platform allows them to run virtually any operating system or software. Digital signage and kitchen video can also be powered from them. The modular design allows a wide variety of configurations to suit the needs of any type of restaurant. Workstations can be fitted with a 12” or 15” customer-facing display. You can also order it with capacitive or resistive touch-screens or card and biometric readers. Supporting Panasonic’s green initiatives, our workstations have also earned ENERGY STAR® qualification for reduced power consumption.

    More information, better control

    Our POS systems support an array of intelligence-gathering features, including innovative surveillance options and analytics capabilities. The solution includes networked cameras, displays and video recording from Panasonic, along with facial matching, inventory control technology and more — all connected by state-of-the-art POS software.

  • Facial matching identifies sales opportunities

    Facial matching technology identifies and analyses certain feature points of a customer’s face to estimate a person’s age and gender and record and predict menu choices. This marketing information, among other things, allows companies to customise menus based on such factors as ethnicity, seasonality and demographics. It can help determine promotion offers and predict success rates.

    The POS software allows managers to search and retrieve key loss prevention metrics and access video recordings from transactions of interest. You can view any POS transaction complete with video, including time, date and specific cash terminal. And, because the POS system is tied into inventory control, it delivers a detailed picture of what items are moving and when to order more.

  • POS software benefits

    Panasonic can integrate virtually any POS software from the top names in the food service industry. POS software allows you to deliver exceptional customer service through fast, accurate ordering, integrated electronic payment processing, automatic order routing to the kitchen and more. You can quickly update pricing, menus and promotions. And, with extensive front-of-house reporting capabilities, you receive the data you need instantly to manage your restaurant more efficiently while increasing revenue.

    Back-of-house information is just as important to your profitability. POS systems that increase kitchen efficiency, productivity and food quality, while reducing errors and food costs, are essential. Software solutions tied to POS workstations and LCD displays posted over prep stations display orders — so that items with different prep times can be synchronised for simultaneous completion — enhance order freshness and decrease ticket times.

    Comprehensive inventory, recipe costing and food cost control software tied to POS systems let you monitor inventory, track past orders and menu sales, price ingredients and recipes, and detect over-portioning and theft. Because Panasonic works with a variety of specialised food service software providers, we can work with you to source and install the very best solution to meet your performance objectives.

  • Mobile POS

    Panasonic Toughpad™ tablets and accessories can create industry leading POS technology in a truly mobile solution that meets your needs. Durable, lightweight and with long battery life, the Toughpad is designed for mobile POS and assisted selling to utilise the latest payment processing and barcode scanning technologies—offering quicker and more efficient customer service with the ability to check inventory, read gift cards and more all from the sales floor.
    Plus, with wireless features such as optional Gobi™ 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technology, employees have the ability to securely connect both inside and outside the extended retail location. A variety of Toughpad mounting and docking options allow you to utilise the same hardware for stationary POS at a counter or a handheld option on the retail floor.
    Stationary POS solution
    Stationary payment solutions have unlimited mounting options and are built tough to withstand harsh working conditions for unlimited flexibility.
    Semi-stationary solution
    Semi-stationary payment solutions provide the best of both worlds. The Toughpad can easily be docked to provide the traditional POS experience or removed for complete mobility.
    Mobile POS solution
    The Toughpad, in conjunction with a barcode scanner, allows retailers to bring the point of service directly to the customer.