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24-hour Security for the Ziggodome

The Ziggo Dome is an ultramodern concert hall in South-East Amsterdam. 

Since its opening in 2012 the Ziggo Dome has built up a solid reputation. Big names such as Adele, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and Pearl Jam have already performed there. The concert hall belongs to Live Nation, which also owns the Amsterdam ArenA and the Heineken Music Hall, and it can hold around 17,000 concertgoers and is fully equipped for optimal acoustics. An astounding 840,000 LED lights are used to turn the exterior of the building into a huge screen, enabling those standing outside to also gain a sense of the atmosphere in the concert hall. 

With some 100 events and more than 1 million visitors a year, security is a key concept at the Ziggo Dome. Around 180 Panasonic digital surveillance cameras record what is happening at the concert venue non-stop. “Monitoring a building like the Ziggo Dome is no small task. The cameras are mainly used to support our security team of 150 employees, which is always in direct contact with the control room,” says Ronald Fiolet, Director of Operations of the Ziggo Dome.

A Panasonic 42” touch screen display gives the central coordinator in the control room an overview of all the surveillance cameras via a plan of the concert hall. “Thanks to the touch screen, he can quickly switch from one camera to another. If there is an incident, we have images of what is going on within seconds. Using the plan, the central coordinator can also guide security staff or emergency workers to the right place, while viewing them with live camera images.” Fiolet adds: “The system is quick and easy to use. The Ziggo Dome can be a real maze, but with the Panasonic system we can be on the spot inside a minute”.

For a concert venue like the Ziggo Dome, continuity is essential. Even in a darkened concert hall, the control room must be able to monitor security. This is possible with the Panasonic cameras, which provide excellent image quality even in minimal light. “In addition, the Panasonic cameras use embedded systems for a quick start up, such as after a power failure. This is essential during the live concerts and other events that take place here. Moreover the hard disks are connected to one another, so that if one crashes, another one automatically takes over,” says Fiolet. The Ziggo Dome is also very satisfied with the Panasonic cameras’ zoom function and razor-sharp images. “If anyone is loitering in a restricted or high-risk area, we can immediately zoom in with the cameras on his or her location. The super-sharp images also allow us to identify the person,” adds Ronald Fiolet. 

But the surveillance cameras are still running even when there is absolutely nothing to do. “At such times there are no security staff present,” explains Fiolet. “Thanks to the Panasonic cameras we still have 24-hour awareness of everything that is going on in the Ziggo Dome.”

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