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Olathe District Schools

Panasonic projectors met the demanding needs of the teachers and provided them with a simple and straightforward system to aid with their teachings. Students are now even more motivated by lessons with bright, clear, large-screen images that can easily be seen from anywhere in the classroom.

Panasonic projectors bring powerful images to the classrooms The Olathe District Schools, which are overseen by the Kansas State Board of Education, consist of 4 high schools, 8 junior high schools, and 32 elementary schools. Every classroom in these schools is equipped with a large, easy-to-see screen and a Panasonic projector, which allow teachers to freely display a wide variety of lesson materials. The PT-F100NTU expands the range of teaching methods available to the teachers and helps students understand the lessons more fully.

Classroom Technology Solutions from Panasonic Panasonic service begins with listening to user needs. Then acting upon them At a town meeting held between the Olathe District Schools and Panasonic, one of the requests made was to add a closed-caption function to the projectors for students with hearing difficulties. The development team brought this subject back to Japan and went to work on it immediately. They incorporated the new feature in the upcoming model and revisited the Olathe District Schools with the prototype. The school administrators were extremely satisfied with the speed at which their needs were met.



  • To project large-screen images that students can clearly see from anywhere in the classroom.
  • System to support students with hearing difficulties.



  • With Daylight View 3, Panasonic's unique visibility-enhancing technology, the PT-F100NTU projects bright, large-screen images that are virtually unaffected by surrounding conditions.
  • The Olathe District Schools were also highly satisfied with Panasonic's response to their request to add a closed-caption function to the projectors.