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Sam's Town Race and Sports Book

  • Customer — Sam's Town Race and Sports Book
  • Delivery location — Nevada, U.S.A.
  • Product to be delivered — 103PF10 x 15 , 65PF10 x 12
Boasting the world’s largest installation of Panasonic 103-inch plasmas – 15 total – Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambing Hall in Las Vegas provides guests at the Race and Sports Book room with a high-impact viewing experience. The showcase installation underscores the challenges, and possibilities, in creating a high-impact visual experience in one of the world’s most dazzling cities.
“There were many factors that went into selecting the Panasonic displays for this project,” said Joe Gombos, low voltage designer for JBA Consulting Engineers, who specified the plasmas. “The displays needed to be large enough to present the kind of impact and viewing comfort people have come to expect, whether sitting in the front, center or back of the room.”
In addition, this installation meets the race and sports book room’s challenge to present a great number of racing and hard-hitting sporting events with the wall space available.
Plasma display panels are critically acclaimed for deep blacks, high contrast and beautiful color in high definition. The versatile 103-inch plasma has proven to be a popular choice in situations where the display of sharp, crisp content with high impact is required.
“Due to the very nature of the fast motion found in sports applications, especially when you’re talking about an image that’s seven feet wide and four feet high, there can’t be a great degree of motion blur caused by the display itself. If there is, the distraction of the artifact will detract from the viewing experience,” Gombos said.
In addition to the 15 103-inch Panasonic plasmas, 12 65-inch Panasonic plasmas were installed directly above the betting counters to display additional high-definition content.